Huge new Valorant info! Valorant is the official name for Riot’s new FPS game, code-named Project A. these screenshots and leaks for VALORANT have been leaked by IGN. We get loads of new info here. We see tons of maps, weapons, abilities and heroes. Let’s get stuck into this Valorant news drop! Is it time to get super hyped for this game? Riot’s new FPS is looking super hype to me so far, I cannot wait to get more info! Drop a LIKE if you guys enjoyed the video – thanks for the continued support guys!

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  1. Valorant is going to be the Overwatch ive always wanted.

    Clutch potential of a single person

    A devteam, that actually listens to their community
    -> and takes QUICK actions

    Hopefully Skins that are prestigious, unlike Overwatches Anniversary where you can get any skin anyway.

    Skill beats Luck and Cheese (is what i hope)

    No balancing towards noobs, intermediates and Pros at the same time the way overwatch does

    And the most important thing: Riot doesnt claim this game to be an E-Sport before it gets released

  2. I think this game would come through in the eleague industry if riot chooses so. Let's face it csgo is slowly coming out of the scene it's pretty repeatitive with it's gameplay. Sure the gamemodes and mechanics seem very simular however there seems to be a lot more intense gameplay, play styles etc. I just feel like this game will become really popular

  3. Hi Stylosa, thank you for mentioning me in your video. I want to clarify something that you missinterpreted though. You sort of suggest that we (IGN Nordic/Benelux) leaked the images that you are showing, but this was not the case. The team in SEA leaked the images by accident. This was not me or my team. I will send you a dm on Twitter as well!

  4. All leaks are intentional at this point. They just use it to raise the hype for the game instead of posting the screenshots normally and then keep quiet to make people think it's a leak. The word itself is just another marketing term, that lost all of it's actual meaning. I'd also bet they paid some youtubers to make videos like these and provided them with info and screenshots.

  5. I’m actually not that hyped for this game… Graphics looks too much like Fortnite lol and I haven’t really seen anything about the game that has got me excited yet. Riot have got a lot to do if this will be my next main game it seems like. Could be a great game, but I doubt Riot will be able to nail it!


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